Online gaming doesn’t only involve playing random video games but rather exposing yourself to the real battle of the world.

Mobile and Gaming Tech Insight Report

With the increase in mobile internet searches, mobile games are now beginning to take a new shape. Interactive gaming has always been fun for the end user, but for the gaming companies and designers, they have created all kinds of new challenges.

One of the biggest challenges for any game designer is how to keep their branding going even on mobile technology. Let’s take, for example, let take Rockstar games who are famous for creating Grand Theft Auto. The brand is real! The game absolutely huge. However, the biggest problem the company had is that their flagship game was always restricted to game consoles and PC.

Their problem is keeping up with the growing number of mobile games. In the end, if GTA was not going to be developed for mobile gameplay, then the chances are another game similar to the GTA concept would be. Fortunately, now Rockstar games have made GTA 5 available on Android and iOS Smartphones as well as tablets.

An example of a game where its developer, Valve, has been caught out for being too slow is Dota 2. Now Dota is available on mobile. This was not even an attempt to hide the fact that the Dota mobile game that has recently been talked about was based on Dota 2 desktop version available on Steam. Valve who makes over $18 million a month from Dota 2 must have seen this coming, but we still have to wait and see whether anything comes of it.

What About the Consoles?
Somehow the gaming consoles have been staying above water. With so many decent gaming laptops and tablets, I am really surprised that Xbox and PlayStation are still managing to stay in the market. Either way, it seems that mobile devices will soon overtake and make both these consoles redundant eventually.

There are quite a few reports out there that have suggested that PlayStation and Xbox sales have declined. The same goes for the Wii by Nintendo.

There is every reason to doubt or refute my claim that eventually, consoles will fade out. Of course, I am judging this by the steady (slow) decline in sales. On the other hand, it is fair to argue that sales were inevitably going to decline simply because there is so much new technology out there.

As a result, rather than the extinction of these consoles, it is more like a steady decline that will flatline. Therefore, consoles will always be a part of the gaming industry – it is just their sales will decline simply because some of the newer technologies will lure console players away.

It is the same as Mars bars. It was the hottest selling chocolate back in the day. However, then M&Ms came out, Whisper, Kit Kats, and more branded chocolate that took the attention away from Mars Bars. Nonetheless, there is still a loyal following of Mars bar lovers out there (like myself!).

The Rise of Gaming Laptops
Gaming consoles are popular because they are in some ways portable. You can pick them up and move them around. The downside is, they need constant power and a screen. PCs are too bulky to carry around and also need constant power.
Laptops are the obvious alternative
Gaming laptops are now starting become one of the new trends because they are getting lighter in weight. The reduced weight does not mean that the laptops have had any reduction in performance. The hardware capabilities have gotten better, the screen bigger, and the laptops easier to carry around.

You can also buy Playstation and Xbox emulators for Windows laptops. Laptops can have portable power banks that are easy to carry around, and they do not need consistent power as modern battery life sees them lasting anything between 5 and 10 hours.

Why would anyone want to buy a console for exactly the same price as a gaming laptop that is more powerful, more convenient, and has all the games available to it that you would find on a PlayStation or an Xbox?

Laptops versus Smartphones

Smartphones will always have their place in the online gaming market because they are so easy to use. Just one hand and your thumb in most cases. You can play games in a tight spot while travelling. In fact, there are not many places you cannot play on your mobile if any at all. Plus, most people will always have their Smartphone with them.

It would make no sense carrying your laptop with you everywhere you go. There will be times you do not need it, so smartphone gaming becomes more convenient. However, laptops will always be the obvious choice when you want to play a powerful game with great graphics.

In the end, smartphones and laptops will be the gaming hardware of choice for the future in my own opinion.

Have Call of Duty Gone Too Far

Have Call of Duty Gone Too Far?

Being a Call of Duty fan has been one hell of ride over the years. There are so many good memories of the game with some epic scenes, but are they going too far by making the game into more of a story narrative and adding what seems to be almost an attempt to make the game into a 3 in 1.

In the Infinite War Fair version, the game has certainly changed in a lot of ways. With the way it is driven by a story rather than just pure action seems to have slowed down the game slightly.

However, this may be because the game is looking towards bigger and better things by making into a more memorable game. The Call of Duty franchise is looking towards a more cartoon or animation based story, which could lead to its very own animated series if the new version of the game draws in even more attention.

Where has Infinity Ward gotten its story lines?
They have gone back to older games and taken story lines to add to the Infinite war version.
Is it still a first-person style game?

The problem is that as Call of Duty has always been known as a first person playable game, now it feels more like you are now a third person in the game and the story is being told to you and directed outside of your own control.

Playing War Fair no longer feels like the original vibe of being the first-person as did the previous versions of the game. This is actually a plus as well as a downer for many Call of Duty fans depending on how you look at it.

+ The New Version is Refreshing

We must admit that the new version of the game is most certainly something refreshing. Infinity Ward have tried to make something different out of the game, which kudos to them for trying to improve Call of Duty and keep people interested.

‘- It is not the Call of Duty we all know and love

On a negative side to the way the War Fair version has been designed, as mentioned above, the whole idea of Call of Duty being a first-person style adventure has been redirected to the story narrative version which feels more like you are being controlled and walked through the story by another influencing force.

For those that joined the game when it first appeared, this new look and feel will come as a disappointment to be honest.

Although War Fair is still popular of course, because after all it is Call of Duty, there are still many of us out there that hope this is not the future of Call of Duty. If they switch from first-person to third-person, then I am sure that this will be fine.

Street Fighter Arcade Gaming

The legend of Street Fighter arcade gaming still goes on even today. I remember being a kid and the Nintendo first introduced ‘Street Fighter 2: World Warrior’ to our homes. It was a new age and one of the most popular arcade games was now available to play at the flick of switch.

Back then, I couldn’t wait to get back from school and play. In the end, we were so into the game that each of my friends and I would take turns in bringing our Nintendo to school.

We hooked up to a TV in the common area and a crowd would surround us as we all played winner stays on. It was like a pool game in the end with names being written on the chalk board (yes, no white boards yet).

Before Street Fighter 2

Prior to Street Fighter 2, we all still hooked on the original Street Fighter game starring Ryu back in the eighties. The mission was to win a global martial arts competition by beating 10 opponents that would get tougher each new round.

It was an amazing game then, and when I look back at it, well, it is still an amazing game. However, Street Fighter was long forgotten once Street Fighter 2 hit the arcades in 1991 to 1992.

Ryu had the special moves he still had today in Street Fighter games.

– Tatsumaki Senpukyaku
– Hadouken
– Shoryuken

There were also the standard attack and defence moves. We also had 3 types of kicks and punches we could use. With each of the moves we used special buttons to control the strength and speed of each attack which we could use to strike different levels of the opponent’s body.

The Legend of Street Fighter 2 Lives On

Today Street Fighter 2 is still popular.

The target age group is still up to and over 40 years old would you believe. This is my generation of game players that still buy the latest gaming consoles, or if you are like me, a PC built for online gaming.

As the legend of Street Fighter lives on, the younger age groups out there are still catching on to what was once a game that would only be played in a gaming hall full of arcade machines.

Back then, there was a battle of egos, and many an argument or disagreement could be solved in a best out of three game of street fighter. They were amazing times back then.

Street Fighter can be played on almost any games console or PC

Even since 1988, Street Fighter had a diverse range of devices it could be played on. Even though its most popular release was on the Nintendo, it was also played on many other devices.

• PC
• NEC TurboGrafx-CD
• Nintendo
• PlayStation (Console and Portable)
• xBox

Now Available on Mobile Smartphones and Tablets

Today there are versions of Street Fighter and Street Fighter 2 you can even play on your Mobile Device. Still under the hood of Capcom, you can now find classic games that can be played on mobile like the very first version of Street Fighter; plus, Street Fighter is available in all its glory on all modern smartphones.

• iOS
• Android
• Windows Mobile
• Blackberry

Download Street Fighter 4 here: we thought we would give you a place to go and download Street Fighter for your mobile just in case we got you stirred up in this blog.

What are the latest versions of Street Fighter?

Over the years new versions of the game have been released hence you see that we found a decent site to download the fourth version of the game: Street Fighter 4.

o 1987 – Street Fighter
o 1991 – Street Fighter II series
o 1995 – Street Fighter Alpha series
o 1996 – Street Fighter EX series
o 1997 – Street Fighter III series
o 2008 – Street Fighter IV series
o 2016 – Street Fighter V

New Characters

Throughout street Fighter’s journey the game has introduced new challengers. New characters have always been welcome as it means the strategy of the game changes for many players. There are some characters that are great at countering others, and new additions would spice up the selection.

Street Fighter II had an excellent number of characters to play such as Blanka, Dhalsim with his stretching legs and arms, E. Honda, Chun Li, Ken t name but a few.

When Street Fighter Alpha series came out Cody, Nash, Maki and Karin along with 11 other new additions including Evil Ken. However, Blanka, Alex, Dudley and some others were limited. Although, some did return.

We found a really good list of characters in each game on good old Wikipedia – always great to see a Street Fighter fan contributing here:

2016 Street Fighter Release

With the brand-new Street Fighter on the market, there is certainly no stopping this game. We can expect more to come as well, because 2018 is rumoured to be set for yet another Street Release as the 2016 games was so popular across all gaming platforms.

Check out the full version trailer of the latest Street Fighter:

 Street Fighter as an e-sport

As an e-sport, Street Fighter is popular. NuckleDu from USA, Tokido form Japan, Infiltration from South Korea, Phenom from Norway, and Xiao Hai from China are among the top Street Fighter e-sports players right now. They have earned thousands of dollars playing in tournaments around the world making a career from the game.

In the 2016 Capcom Cup there was a $360,000 prize pool up for grabs!

Rounding it Up

Well we still have a lot more to add to this blog post. For now, have a good read and check out some of the links to the games and the You Tube video – we have provided plenty of resources. However, there is also room for more – so check out Steam Gaming too for Street Fighter downloads, sets for each character that can be purchased, and announcements so you can follow the next Capcom Street Fighter cup..

6 of the Best Free to Play Android Games

Mobile gaming is a popular alternative to the expensive console and PC gaming that can cost players a ton of money every year to have the latest systems and latest games. Most mobile games are either free or very cheap to play and in many cases, players do not ever need to spend a penny if they so choose.

Of course, many games will have in-app purchases available should players decide to try and get ahead but players have the choice if they wish to purchase them. The free to play model is becoming highly popular simply because players are able to access games far easier and then back the ones they like with some money.

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius

The Final Fantasy franchise is one of the biggest and most loved in gaming history and in recent times it has been diving into the mobile gaming market. There have been a number of titles that have been released on mobile but Brave Exvius has to be up there with the very best of them.

Keeping very close ties with some of the original elements of the console games of the past, Brave Exvius allows players to explore the many towns and dungeons in the game as well as building up an eclectic mix of characters to join their party. Picking up the game is easy in the beginning but as you get deeper into it, you’ll have to make challenging decisions that will impact your quest massively.

Trials Frontier

If you’re a bit of a racer that loves nothing more than putting the pedal to the metal, then Trials Frontier is going to be right up your street.

The popular PC game has been adapted well for mobile and now has a strong following that cannot get enough of the fast and chaotic wheel to wheel action. You have to complete goals and also take on other riders as you perfrom stuns and jumps in order to get to the finish line first.
Getting to grips with the touch screen controls in the beginning can be quite difficult but once mastered; the game becomes one that players find hard to put down.

Rogue Life

If a combination of RPG, runner game and top-down shooter game is something that you might find interesting; Rogue Life is the mobile game that you should be trying out. Cartoon style graphics that have a splash of anime thrown in have been done exceptionally well and the depth that you’ll find with the game is highly impressive.

The game involves many facets from building up your base, improving your characters t p taking part in battles scenes that will test every strategic bone in your body. On top of this you have to gather resources between missions to ensure that you can trundle along in the game and develop at a decent pace.

Clash Royale

If there was a game that would win out for being addictive, Clash Royale would be it. Do you have what it takes to take on all comers as you try to outwit them in battle with your card collection and choices?

There is just so much to take in and so much strategy to pick and that is what makes this game so fun and addictive. There is a vast array of characters and cards that you can use and while it takes a while to understand their strengths and weaknesses, once you do, you can start to formulate some excellent strategies that will see you well in your battles ahead.

Angry Birds 2
Everybody remembers the simplistic yet highly addictive Angry Birds game that burst onto the scene a few years ago. We’re many will remember the high levels of frustration the game could cause as you tried a hundred zillion times trying to get passed a certain level. Well now, number two has hit the market and it looks and feels awesome.

Additional features have been added to what is a simple concept in order to give the game more depth and the graphics have been improved markedly. Despite the new improvements, the core concept of the game has been kept well intact to ensure that the whole reason people fell in love with the franchise, is still there.

Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast

Fans of the super-metal legends Iron Maiden, are going to absolutely love this rpg that has been themed-around their history and path to glory. In an interesting twist, the game actually involves you taking on hordes of creatures as you make your way through three highly dangerous dungeons.

As you make your way through the turn-based storyline, you’ll collect up and upgrade a number of characters from so many different classes. You’ll also have to find and use resources that can be used to improve and upgrade your party. Alongside being able to play the single player campaign, you’ll also be able to battle other players in an exciting PvP arena.


Whatever style of game you like from action, to strategy, to racing or to puzzles, there will be an excellent mobile game that will more than satisfy your needs. The best part is that each of these games will at the very least be low cost but in many cases they will be free. Those on our list above all fall into the latter category and are completely free to play but with the option to put money into the game for some additional advantages such as the games on c9bet.

Compare that to cost of buying consoles and the latest games at obscene prices and you can see just why mobile gaming is starting to gain a march on its competitors and becoming the type of gaming that many people would prefer to spend their time and money on.

Overwatch Game Versus Dota 2 Game

Overwatch Game versus Dota 2

We cannot deny that Overwatch has a lot of similar characteristics with Dota 2, as well as quite a number of differences. Generally, when comparing the two, most people will lean towards Overwatch. This is largely as a result of how it combines team fortress style, MOBA-esqe abilities as well as traditional FPS gameplay.

The major issues of concerns when comparing the two games includes;

1. Skills and abilities
In as much as every character is unique, they all have a set of skills and possibilities. Such skills enable them to fit in different functions in the gameplay and respond to each other in various ways.

Both Dota and Overwatch have characters with ultimate abilities, that can alter the game at any given moment.

A slight difference here is that in overwatch, majority of characters have range style weapons, making it difficult for their counterparts to go rampant over the first-person shooter

2. Complexity
Dota 2 more difficult than overwatch. It needs a lot of experience and be conversant with the map and everything that surrounds it.

Furthermore, overwatch does not require any strategy and can take as little as ten minutes or less for one to be skilled. On the other hand, Dota has a more complex strategy because of that is entailed in the map. One has to be keen on how to manage resources.

3. Characters
In terms of quantity, Dota 2 has 112 characters for players to choose from, and they are all available for use. On the other hand, Overwatch has 22 playable heroes.

When playing Dota, it’s not just about knowing the skills your hero has, it entails systematic planning
Map difficulty and character development are much easier in overwatch.

4. Lanes and map
In Dota, lanes are clearly defined. In between the lanes, there is a jungle. Overwatch on its part lacks a bottom, middle and top lanes. Instead, it has three very different paths that are easy to take on every map.

As the scene of Overwatch grows, the complexity of players and the tactics they apply also grows.

5. E-Sports Scene
Dota 2 came first and thereby being on the scene for a much longer time. It commands one of the most lively professional scenes in history. Furthermore, it brags the biggest e-sport tournament.

The fact that Dota can be played offline gives it a huge advantage when it comes to market penetration, whereas Overwatch requires an internet connection every time.

Overwatch on its part just started a few years back and it is positively getting a fair share of e-sports scene. The game has a high expectations of going up the ladder so high and its just a matter of time we see whether it will be bigger than Dota 2 or it

The discussion of comparison between Dota 2 ns Overwatch can hardly come to a conclusion as each game on its own has advantages over the other as well as disadvantages.

After all, the two are different games which have made appearances in MOBA gaming scene, each in a unique way

Benefits of Playing Games on Steam

There are numerous sites that offer free online games for game fans. However, the difference between these sites is the quality of the games. There are sites that provide more interesting games than others. Finding these sites is however a big challenge for most people since there is so many to choose from. If you have been in search of a high quality website for free online games you are in luck. There is a site that offers you a chance to try your skills on numerous types of games on different genres. This site is Steam. Steam is one of the leading sites when it comes to high quality online games.

There are so many advantages you get when you play games on Steam. First and foremost, you get access to numerous types of games. The fact that the games are categorized into different genres makes it possible for you to find a number of games that fall in your preferred genre. Games on Steam are normally automatically updated. This means you will enjoy different features in your favourite game occasionally. This makes the games more enjoyable and you are less likely to get bored by repeating a game over and over again since the updates introduce new challenges and a lot of perks that you can enjoy.

The other benefit you get from playing games on Steam is the fact that there are a large number of people who play games on Steam. The large community makes it very easy for you to make new friends, share tips, ask for advice on how to beat some levels in different games and most importantly, you get to connect with people who share similar interests to you. When you play games on Steam you have an opportunity to share items and any other thing you might wish to share with your new and old friends.Steam aims at ensuring that all players are having the best experience plying the different available games on their site. For this reason, they have made it possible for players to play an active role in making the games better. All you are required to do is to share your ideas and they will be considered in order to make improvements to the game.

Last but not least, Steam is advantageous because it is accessible through numerous devices. You can access the application on your phone, PC or any other internet enabled device. The advantage of this is the fact that you are able to entertain yourself with games and chats with friends at any time anywhere.

In conclusion, there are very few sites that provide what Steam does. It is rare to find a site that gives you an opportunity to give your input on game improvements, to connect with many people and one that is accessible on numerous devices. However, Steam offers you all this and it is incredibly fun. There is absolutely no way you will get bored on Steam. The games are too many to finish and the fun never ends on Steam. It is exactly what you need to have a blast every day.

Tips to find the best online game
Do you love online games? The internet has changed various aspects of life. Today, you can access the information you want by a few clicks. This has not been any different with games. There are many sites that offer online games for experienced players as well as novices. You can take advantage of these sites to find a game of your choice without going through much hassle over the same. Gone are those days your sons and daughters have to go out in the hostile weather in order to have fun. There is an endless list of online games your child can play from the comfort of his or her bed over the weekend or any other free time. However, selecting the best online gaming site can be among the most daunting task especially when you are a beginner in this field. There are various things that you need to examine before you choose an online gaming site. Before you select on any site online games, ensure that you check at the following aspects.

Read online gaming news

Online gaming news will help to know some of the best games on the market. You can take advantage of this news to determine some of the best games to be played during your free time. Most of the online gaming sites have sections indicated news. You can read information posted in these sections so that you can make an informed decision at the end of the day.

Look at the reputation of the site

It is advisable to look at the reputation of the site before making any other step. One of the most important things to examine is the content offered on the site. Find out whether the site is reliable or not before you make any other step. There are different review sites that will help you find the best site for gaming. Good and genuine gaming sites tend to attract positive reviews. Take time and read through the reviews made by different users of the sites so that you can select accordingly. It does not make sense to waste your time and effort on a site with many negative reviews. Such sites already have criticisms hence you are likely to become a victim of circumstances at the end of the day. In simple terms, only concentrate on sites with positive reviews. You can compare more than one site with positive reviews before you pick one of them.

Does the site require any fee?

There are certain sites that require an initial deposit before you can join. It is wise to find out the requirements of membership before joining any site. There are many free sites out there offering various games. You can take advantage of the same to play your favorite games at no cost.

Types of games

Online gaming sites offer different types of games. You need to look the types of games offered by the site before registering as a member of any site. Find out whether the site offers the games you love playing before you enroll as a member.

How To Play Online Games Safely

games-online-6If you find yourself spending an hour or two in front of your computer and playing online games, you might feel the eagerness and motivation to play again and again and again to improve your skills, especially that it is an interactive game where you meet thousands of other players online. There are some who just play online games without educating themselves how to play games safely, and the last thing that you wanted to experience is becoming addicted to it to the point that you’ve disconnected yourself from your reality.

To avoid that from happening, here are some tips that you should always keep in mind while playing to guarantee that you are just going to enjoy the game and there’s no need to worry about anything else rather than having fun. Here are some tips that you should always keep in mind:

Always keep your machine and computer clean

As much as possible, all of your devices should be keep clean and update it from time to time. It can be a headache if you’re going to deal with some threats and malware. Make sure that you also built some security protections into your computer, and it should also be updated from time to time. If you are using mobile devices, then thesame procedure should also follow. Before you start playing your favorite game, you should first make sure that you have your anti-virus protection first.

Keep a strong password

The last thing that you want to experience is getting your password hacked so make sure that your password is a sentence, not just the name of your childhood best friend. Make sure that the phrase is easy to remember. For instance, you should go for “I love playing online games.” There are also online games that will let you use spaces so it should be fine.

Speak out

Talking rudely during the game seems normal for other players since they’ve gotten used to it, but if you are feeling uncomfortable, you should tell an adult immediately or have contact the manager of the game to tell you that this certain player is stepping across the boundaries so you don’t have to interact with them the next time around you play.

Report cyberbullies

Do not be afraid to block someone or report them because of cyberbullying. All you need to do is to have evidence on what other players are saying about you and then block or report them. Do not talk back, though because picking a fight while playing the game that you love the most decreases your enjoyment while you are playing the game.

Do not give personal information

online-gamesAs much as possible,use a code name that is way too far from your real name while playing the game and even if someone seems friendly enough, do not give him or her your real name as well as your location. Your personal information should not be involved in playing online games and it is highly advisable that you use some sort of avatar instead of using your real picture. Not only are you protecting your personal identity but you will be viewed as the mysterious player, especially if you are good at playing.

Set limitations

Do not spend your night just playing online games. Make sure that you put some limitations to your playing hours. Put your phone beside you and set for an alarm. Once the alarm rings, no matter how intense your game is, you should just finish it and your session ends for the night. It might not be an easy thing to do, but disciplining yourself can help you to do so.