6 of the Best Free to Play Android Games

Mobile gaming is a popular alternative to the expensive console and PC gaming that can cost players a ton of money every year to have the latest systems and latest games. Most mobile games are either free or very cheap to play and in many cases, players do not ever need to spend a penny if they so choose.

Of course, many games will have in-app purchases available should players decide to try and get ahead but players have the choice if they wish to purchase them. The free to play model is becoming highly popular simply because players are able to access games far easier and then back the ones they like with some money.

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius

The Final Fantasy franchise is one of the biggest and most loved in gaming history and in recent times it has been diving into the mobile gaming market. There have been a number of titles that have been released on mobile but Brave Exvius has to be up there with the very best of them.

Keeping very close ties with some of the original elements of the console games of the past, Brave Exvius allows players to explore the many towns and dungeons in the game as well as building up an eclectic mix of characters to join their party. Picking up the game is easy in the beginning but as you get deeper into it, you’ll have to make challenging decisions that will impact your quest massively.

Trials Frontier

If you’re a bit of a racer that loves nothing more than putting the pedal to the metal, then Trials Frontier is going to be right up your street.

The popular PC game has been adapted well for mobile and now has a strong following that cannot get enough of the fast and chaotic wheel to wheel action. You have to complete goals and also take on other riders as you perfrom stuns and jumps in order to get to the finish line first.
Getting to grips with the touch screen controls in the beginning can be quite difficult but once mastered; the game becomes one that players find hard to put down.

Rogue Life

If a combination of RPG, runner game and top-down shooter game is something that you might find interesting; Rogue Life is the mobile game that you should be trying out. Cartoon style graphics that have a splash of anime thrown in have been done exceptionally well and the depth that you’ll find with the game is highly impressive.

The game involves many facets from building up your base, improving your characters t p taking part in battles scenes that will test every strategic bone in your body. On top of this you have to gather resources between missions to ensure that you can trundle along in the game and develop at a decent pace.

Clash Royale

If there was a game that would win out for being addictive, Clash Royale would be it. Do you have what it takes to take on all comers as you try to outwit them in battle with your card collection and choices?

There is just so much to take in and so much strategy to pick and that is what makes this game so fun and addictive. There is a vast array of characters and cards that you can use and while it takes a while to understand their strengths and weaknesses, once you do, you can start to formulate some excellent strategies that will see you well in your battles ahead.

Angry Birds 2
Everybody remembers the simplistic yet highly addictive Angry Birds game that burst onto the scene a few years ago. We’re many will remember the high levels of frustration the game could cause as you tried a hundred zillion times trying to get passed a certain level. Well now, number two has hit the market and it looks and feels awesome.

Additional features have been added to what is a simple concept in order to give the game more depth and the graphics have been improved markedly. Despite the new improvements, the core concept of the game has been kept well intact to ensure that the whole reason people fell in love with the franchise, is still there.

Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast

Fans of the super-metal legends Iron Maiden, are going to absolutely love this rpg that has been themed-around their history and path to glory. In an interesting twist, the game actually involves you taking on hordes of creatures as you make your way through three highly dangerous dungeons.

As you make your way through the turn-based storyline, you’ll collect up and upgrade a number of characters from so many different classes. You’ll also have to find and use resources that can be used to improve and upgrade your party. Alongside being able to play the single player campaign, you’ll also be able to battle other players in an exciting PvP arena.


Whatever style of game you like from action, to strategy, to racing or to puzzles, there will be an excellent mobile game that will more than satisfy your needs. The best part is that each of these games will at the very least be low cost but in many cases they will be free. Those on our list above all fall into the latter category and are completely free to play but with the option to put money into the game for some additional advantages such as the games on c9bet.

Compare that to cost of buying consoles and the latest games at obscene prices and you can see just why mobile gaming is starting to gain a march on its competitors and becoming the type of gaming that many people would prefer to spend their time and money on.