Mobile and Gaming Tech Insight Report

With the increase in mobile internet searches, mobile games are now beginning to take a new shape. Interactive gaming has always been fun for the end user, but for the gaming companies and designers, they have created all kinds of new challenges.

One of the biggest challenges for any game designer is how to keep their branding going even on mobile technology. Let’s take, for example, let take Rockstar games who are famous for creating Grand Theft Auto. The brand is real! The game absolutely huge. However, the biggest problem the company had is that their flagship game was always restricted to game consoles and PC.

Their problem is keeping up with the growing number of mobile games. In the end, if GTA was not going to be developed for mobile gameplay, then the chances are another game similar to the GTA concept would be. Fortunately, now Rockstar games have made GTA 5 available on Android and iOS Smartphones as well as tablets.

An example of a game where its developer, Valve, has been caught out for being too slow is Dota 2. Now Dota is available on mobile. This was not even an attempt to hide the fact that the Dota mobile game that has recently been talked about was based on Dota 2 desktop version available on Steam. Valve who makes over $18 million a month from Dota 2 must have seen this coming, but we still have to wait and see whether anything comes of it.

What About the Consoles?
Somehow the gaming consoles have been staying above water. With so many decent gaming laptops and tablets, I am really surprised that Xbox and PlayStation are still managing to stay in the market. Either way, it seems that mobile devices will soon overtake and make both these consoles redundant eventually.

There are quite a few reports out there that have suggested that PlayStation and Xbox sales have declined. The same goes for the Wii by Nintendo.

There is every reason to doubt or refute my claim that eventually, consoles will fade out. Of course, I am judging this by the steady (slow) decline in sales. On the other hand, it is fair to argue that sales were inevitably going to decline simply because there is so much new technology out there.

As a result, rather than the extinction of these consoles, it is more like a steady decline that will flatline. Therefore, consoles will always be a part of the gaming industry – it is just their sales will decline simply because some of the newer technologies will lure console players away.

It is the same as Mars bars. It was the hottest selling chocolate back in the day. However, then M&Ms came out, Whisper, Kit Kats, and more branded chocolate that took the attention away from Mars Bars. Nonetheless, there is still a loyal following of Mars bar lovers out there (like myself!).

The Rise of Gaming Laptops
Gaming consoles are popular because they are in some ways portable. You can pick them up and move them around. The downside is, they need constant power and a screen. PCs are too bulky to carry around and also need constant power.
Laptops are the obvious alternative
Gaming laptops are now starting become one of the new trends because they are getting lighter in weight. The reduced weight does not mean that the laptops have had any reduction in performance. The hardware capabilities have gotten better, the screen bigger, and the laptops easier to carry around.

You can also buy Playstation and Xbox emulators for Windows laptops. Laptops can have portable power banks that are easy to carry around, and they do not need consistent power as modern battery life sees them lasting anything between 5 and 10 hours.

Why would anyone want to buy a console for exactly the same price as a gaming laptop that is more powerful, more convenient, and has all the games available to it that you would find on a PlayStation or an Xbox?

Laptops versus Smartphones

Smartphones will always have their place in the online gaming market because they are so easy to use. Just one hand and your thumb in most cases. You can play games in a tight spot while travelling. In fact, there are not many places you cannot play on your mobile if any at all. Plus, most people will always have their Smartphone with them.

It would make no sense carrying your laptop with you everywhere you go. There will be times you do not need it, so smartphone gaming becomes more convenient. However, laptops will always be the obvious choice when you want to play a powerful game with great graphics.

In the end, smartphones and laptops will be the gaming hardware of choice for the future in my own opinion.