Overwatch Game Versus Dota 2 Game

Overwatch Game versus Dota 2

We cannot deny that Overwatch has a lot of similar characteristics with Dota 2, as well as quite a number of differences. Generally, when comparing the two, most people will lean towards Overwatch. This is largely as a result of how it combines team fortress style, MOBA-esqe abilities as well as traditional FPS gameplay.

The major issues of concerns when comparing the two games includes;

1. Skills and abilities
In as much as every character is unique, they all have a set of skills and possibilities. Such skills enable them to fit in different functions in the gameplay and respond to each other in various ways.

Both Dota and Overwatch have characters with ultimate abilities, that can alter the game at any given moment.

A slight difference here is that in overwatch, majority of characters have range style weapons, making it difficult for their counterparts to go rampant over the first-person shooter

2. Complexity
Dota 2 more difficult than overwatch. It needs a lot of experience and be conversant with the map and everything that surrounds it.

Furthermore, overwatch does not require any strategy and can take as little as ten minutes or less for one to be skilled. On the other hand, Dota has a more complex strategy because of that is entailed in the map. One has to be keen on how to manage resources.

3. Characters
In terms of quantity, Dota 2 has 112 characters for players to choose from, and they are all available for use. On the other hand, Overwatch has 22 playable heroes.

When playing Dota, it’s not just about knowing the skills your hero has, it entails systematic planning
Map difficulty and character development are much easier in overwatch.

4. Lanes and map
In Dota, lanes are clearly defined. In between the lanes, there is a jungle. Overwatch on its part lacks a bottom, middle and top lanes. Instead, it has three very different paths that are easy to take on every map.

As the scene of Overwatch grows, the complexity of players and the tactics they apply also grows.

5. E-Sports Scene
Dota 2 came first and thereby being on the scene for a much longer time. It commands one of the most lively professional scenes in history. Furthermore, it brags the biggest e-sport tournament.

The fact that Dota can be played offline gives it a huge advantage when it comes to market penetration, whereas Overwatch requires an internet connection every time.

Overwatch on its part just started a few years back and it is positively getting a fair share of e-sports scene. The game has a high expectations of going up the ladder so high and its just a matter of time we see whether it will be bigger than Dota 2 or it

The discussion of comparison between Dota 2 ns Overwatch can hardly come to a conclusion as each game on its own has advantages over the other as well as disadvantages.

After all, the two are different games which have made appearances in MOBA gaming scene, each in a unique way