Street Fighter Arcade Gaming

The legend of Street Fighter arcade gaming still goes on even today. I remember being a kid and the Nintendo first introduced ‘Street Fighter 2: World Warrior’ to our homes. It was a new age and one of the most popular arcade games was now available to play at the flick of switch.

Back then, I couldn’t wait to get back from school and play. In the end, we were so into the game that each of my friends and I would take turns in bringing our Nintendo to school.

We hooked up to a TV in the common area and a crowd would surround us as we all played winner stays on. It was like a pool game in the end with names being written on the chalk board (yes, no white boards yet).

Before Street Fighter 2

Prior to Street Fighter 2, we all still hooked on the original Street Fighter game starring Ryu back in the eighties. The mission was to win a global martial arts competition by beating 10 opponents that would get tougher each new round.

It was an amazing game then, and when I look back at it, well, it is still an amazing game. However, Street Fighter was long forgotten once Street Fighter 2 hit the arcades in 1991 to 1992.

Ryu had the special moves he still had today in Street Fighter games.

– Tatsumaki Senpukyaku
– Hadouken
– Shoryuken

There were also the standard attack and defence moves. We also had 3 types of kicks and punches we could use. With each of the moves we used special buttons to control the strength and speed of each attack which we could use to strike different levels of the opponent’s body.

The Legend of Street Fighter 2 Lives On

Today Street Fighter 2 is still popular.

The target age group is still up to and over 40 years old would you believe. This is my generation of game players that still buy the latest gaming consoles, or if you are like me, a PC built for online gaming.

As the legend of Street Fighter lives on, the younger age groups out there are still catching on to what was once a game that would only be played in a gaming hall full of arcade machines.

Back then, there was a battle of egos, and many an argument or disagreement could be solved in a best out of three game of street fighter. They were amazing times back then.

Street Fighter can be played on almost any games console or PC

Even since 1988, Street Fighter had a diverse range of devices it could be played on. Even though its most popular release was on the Nintendo, it was also played on many other devices.

• PC
• NEC TurboGrafx-CD
• Nintendo
• PlayStation (Console and Portable)
• xBox

Now Available on Mobile Smartphones and Tablets

Today there are versions of Street Fighter and Street Fighter 2 you can even play on your Mobile Device. Still under the hood of Capcom, you can now find classic games that can be played on mobile like the very first version of Street Fighter; plus, Street Fighter is available in all its glory on all modern smartphones.

• iOS
• Android
• Windows Mobile
• Blackberry

Download Street Fighter 4 here: we thought we would give you a place to go and download Street Fighter for your mobile just in case we got you stirred up in this blog.

What are the latest versions of Street Fighter?

Over the years new versions of the game have been released hence you see that we found a decent site to download the fourth version of the game: Street Fighter 4.

o 1987 – Street Fighter
o 1991 – Street Fighter II series
o 1995 – Street Fighter Alpha series
o 1996 – Street Fighter EX series
o 1997 – Street Fighter III series
o 2008 – Street Fighter IV series
o 2016 – Street Fighter V

New Characters

Throughout street Fighter’s journey the game has introduced new challengers. New characters have always been welcome as it means the strategy of the game changes for many players. There are some characters that are great at countering others, and new additions would spice up the selection.

Street Fighter II had an excellent number of characters to play such as Blanka, Dhalsim with his stretching legs and arms, E. Honda, Chun Li, Ken t name but a few.

When Street Fighter Alpha series came out Cody, Nash, Maki and Karin along with 11 other new additions including Evil Ken. However, Blanka, Alex, Dudley and some others were limited. Although, some did return.

We found a really good list of characters in each game on good old Wikipedia – always great to see a Street Fighter fan contributing here:

2016 Street Fighter Release

With the brand-new Street Fighter on the market, there is certainly no stopping this game. We can expect more to come as well, because 2018 is rumoured to be set for yet another Street Release as the 2016 games was so popular across all gaming platforms.

Check out the full version trailer of the latest Street Fighter:

 Street Fighter as an e-sport

As an e-sport, Street Fighter is popular. NuckleDu from USA, Tokido form Japan, Infiltration from South Korea, Phenom from Norway, and Xiao Hai from China are among the top Street Fighter e-sports players right now. They have earned thousands of dollars playing in tournaments around the world making a career from the game.

In the 2016 Capcom Cup there was a $360,000 prize pool up for grabs!

Rounding it Up

Well we still have a lot more to add to this blog post. For now, have a good read and check out some of the links to the games and the You Tube video – we have provided plenty of resources. However, there is also room for more – so check out Steam Gaming too for Street Fighter downloads, sets for each character that can be purchased, and announcements so you can follow the next Capcom Street Fighter cup..